Welcome to Conviction Fitness!

We are a small, semi-private gym located in North West Regina, with online clients all across North America.

We help busy professionals and families be more fit and become better athletes.

Our fun, challenging, effective workouts are unlike any others.

Our Programs

Reach your full potential as a Spartan Racer.

We literally wrote the book on Obstacle Course Race Training.

Team #TrainWithConviction is the most successful Spartan Race team in Saskatchewan. We help individuals go from average Open Heat racers to World Championship qualifiers on a regular basis.

Get Strong, Shed Fat, and Improve Your Endurance.

Our RKC Certified Instructor teaches the hardstyle kettlebell training methods introduced to the west by former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor Pavel Tsatsouline.

Conviction Kettlebell Club members, both online and in person, have seen tremendous gains in strength, stamina, fat loss, and mobility.

Grow Bigger, Faster, and Stronger – Right After School!

We’ve trained Bantam AA and WHL drafted hockey players, provincial champion football players and golfers, elite softball players, as well as athletes just hoping to make the team.

Through our After School Strength and Conditioning program, our mission is to help every athlete reach their individual goals.

Success Stories

From 726th in Open to 2x Spartan Race World Championship Qualifier

In 2014 Clay ran his first Spartan Race in Calgary, Alberta, finishing in 726th place in the Open Category. He fell in love with obstacle racing that day. He became one of the first members of our Spartan Race team soon after.

Clay has trained extremely hard the past few years and is reaping the benefits. In 2017, Clay completed the Sun Peaks Ultra Beast, finished 8th in his age group at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, qualified for the Spartan Race World Championships for the second year in a row, and was voted our 2017 Male Athlete of the Year.

3x Spartan Race Podium Finisher Doubled Her Strict Pull-ups in Three Months

In her two-year Obstacle Course Racing career, Ara has seriously impressed. She finished her first season ranked 10th in Canada in the Competitive Division. In her sophomore season, she hit three podiums and qualified for the Spartan Race World Championships in her first year running Elite.

An excellent runner, Ara wanted to increase her strength during the offseason, so she became the first person to try our Online Kettlebell Club. Despite a lengthy surf vacation where she was unable to train as she usually would, Ara still managed to improve her max strict pull-ups from 6 reps to 12 in just three months! An absolutely incredible feat.

Our Jaws Dropped on Test Day

Jeremy was one of the first members of the Conviction Kettlebell Club. He started the program pressing the 12kg (26 lbs) kettlebell for his workouts as the 16kg (35 lbs) bell was just too heavy.

After eight weeks of dedicated training with the Kettlebell Club, on our first Test Day, Jeremy amazed us all by clean and pressing the 20kg (44 lbs) bell for 8 strict, solid reps on each arm. Eight weeks later, he pressed the 24kg (53 lbs) bell!

Took 71 Seconds Off her Pace and Finished First Half-Marathon

Jacquelynn had already run a few races before she joined our Spartan SGX team. She enjoyed them, but now she wanted to train for them.

In January 2016 she began training with us and saw some quick changes. Not only did her pull-ups go up and her weight come down, but she also became a better, faster runner.

Before training with us, Jacquelynn’s 5k pace was about 7:43 per km. Nine months later, she finished her first half-marathon at an astonishing pace of 6:32 per km!

Our Coaches

Riley Nadoroznick is a best-selling author, Spartan SGX, Underground Strength, and Precision Nutrition certified coach with clients across North America. Most recently, Riley became a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor under legendary coach, Dan John, in New York City.

A former wrestler at the University of Regina, Riley now competes in Spartan Race and StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge.

Growing up, Riley was never the biggest or fastest athlete, but he had big goals. He worked hard to earn a full athletic scholarship and knows what it takes to succeed. After his wrestling career was cut short due to injury, Riley never stopped learning, training, or competing.

Now, as a full-time strength, conditioning, and nutrition coach, Riley shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with everyone he works with.

As a lifelong student, Riley is devoted to improving his knowledge through numerous certifications and countless hours of studying the latest health and fitness information.

Samira Nadoroznick is a full-time elementary school teacher with Regina Public Schools, as well as an experienced athlete and Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach.

Throughout her life, Samira has competed in a variety of sports including volleyball, wallyball, softball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. As a busy mother of four, she also makes time to train for and compete in Spartan Races at a high level.