The strength of the wolf is the pack.

What to Expect 

When you take on a Virtual Wolf Pack workout, two things are guaranteed:

  1. You'll get sweaty
  2. You'll have a good time

You'll do some rucking, you'll carry some heavy sandbags, and you'll do a lot of squats, cleans, presses, and more.

These workouts are fun, challenging, and a great way to spend 45 minutes each week.

Who Wolf Pack is For

If you like tough, gritty workouts that reward hard work and leave you feeling stronger and tougher than ever, then Wolf Pack is for you.

These workouts aren't about finesse. They are about getting the work done by any means necessary.

Our Pack is full of ruckers, Spartan Racers, and people who just want to tear it up with a sandbag each week. A rucksack, a sandbag (or two), and a desire to work hard are all it takes to succeed.

Wolf Pack + Other Training

This sounds great, but can I join Wolf Pack and still do my other training?

Absolutely! You can run, bike, crossfit, kettlebell, strongman, Spartan Race or whatever else you do right along side your weekly Wolf Pack workouts. The beauty of this style of training is that you can get out of it what you need.

Every workout is adaptable to your needs.


Virtual Wolf Pack is a six week sandbag + ruck training program. Workouts are delivered through the TrueCoach software platform every Friday morning, from September 3 - October 8.

You will have a video tutorial for each exercise inside the TrueCoach platform. Additionally, you can upload videos from your own workout for me to check in on you and help adjust your form if need be.

Workouts can be done whenever and wherever works best for you! All you need is a weighted rucksack and (at least) one sandbag.

Join Wolf Pack Today!