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Spartan Race Group Fitness Program

Phalanx -- named after the impenetrable formation Spartan warriors used in combat -- is a group fitness program guaranteed to help you crush your Spartan Race goals.

Our Spartan Race team trains on Tuesday nights, from 6:15 - 7:15, with workouts held at various outdoor locations in Regina.

Get Outside

Spartan Race is an outdoor event. The races take place rain or shine, snow or slush. And so, it's only logical we train outdoors as well. The elements add to the challenge and prepare us both mentally and physically for any obstacle thrown our way.

In the words of the great Thucydides, "he is best who is trained in the severest school."

If you don't train in wet, cold, or hot conditions leading up to the race, you can't expect to perform in wet, cold, or hot conditions on race day. To succeed in a Spartan Race, you must leave the confines of the gym.

Fun. Challenging. Effective Workouts.

We train individuals wanting to race for gold, individuals who just want to finish a race, and individuals with no race asiprations who just want a fun new way of training.

Whatever your goals are, we've got your back.

Spartan Race Training Books

We Literally Wrote the Book(s) on Spartan Race Training

Phalanx coach Riley Nadoroznick has not only helped countless individuals reach Spartan glory, he's also written three books dedicated to Spartan Race Training. 

Each book reached Best Seller status on and continues to sell copies across the globe today.

Torch Fat, Increase Endurance, and Become Strong Enough To Take On Any Obstacle

Run, Lift, Carry, Climb
12 Obstacle Course Racing Workouts That Took Us to the World Championships

Ultimate Obstacle Racing Metcons
23 Obstacle Course Racing Workouts for Improving Metabolic Conditioning and Grit

Upcoming Races

Join us at one of these upcoming races in and around Saskatchewan

Montana Spartan Trifecta Weekend - June 1 - 2, 2024 - Bozeman, MT

Red Deer Spartan Race Weekend - July 20 - 21, 2024 - Red Deer, AB

The Northerner Race - August 11, 2024 - Tisdale, SK 

Kelowna Spartan Race Weekend - August 24 - 25, 2024 - Kelowna, BC

Prairie Nightmare Backyard Ultra - August 24, 2024 - Echo Valley Provincial Park

Beaver Flat 50 - September 14, 2024 - Sask Landing Provincial Park

Pasqua Peaks Trail Race - October 6, 2024 - Echo Valley Provincial Park

Join Phalanx Today

2024 Regina Spartan Race Training

Workouts held Tuesdays from 6:15 - 7:15pm at various locations in and around Regina.

Our team also holds occasional free workouts and race simulations for our members.

    Membership Options

    • Individual Monthly Membership - $99.99
    • Family Monthly Membership - $174.99
    • Individual Three-Month Membership - $249.99
    • Family Three-Month Membership - $434.99
    • Three Class Punch Pass - $99.99


    • Family Memberships include two adults from same household
    • Three Class Punch Passes can be used for any three workouts over a 3-month period
      • Unused classes cannot be used in future sessions
    • Kids under 16 are free but remain parent's responsibility

    Spartan Race F.A.Q.

    What is Spartan Race?

    Spartan Race is the leading obstacle course race series in the world. Races include a mix of trail running and a variety of obstacles such as monkey bars, sandbag carries, rope climbs, and more.

    What is a Spartan Race Trifecta?

    A Spartan Race Trifecta is achieved by completing one of each of the three main Spartan Race distances -- Sprint, Super, and Beast -- in a single year.

    How Long is Spartan Race?

    Spartan Races vary in distance and number of obstacles. The Spartan Sprint is 5 kilometers with 20 obstacles. The Spartan Super is 10 kilometers with 25 obstacles. The Spartan Beast is 21 kilometers with 30 obstcles. And the Spartan Ultra is 50 kilometers with 60 obstacles.

    Is Spartan Race Hard?

    Spartan Races are challenging, but they aren't impossible. Race directors do their best to make difficult courses that push you physically and mentally, but with the proper training, anyone can complete one of these races.

    When is the Spartan Race?

    Spartan Races are held year round all over the world. You can find upcoming Spartan Races here.

    Which Spartan Race is the Hardest?

    The Spartan Ultra, which consists of 60 obstalces over a 50 kilometer course, is the most difficult Spartan Race.

    Which Spartan Race Should I Do?

    If you are new to Spartan Race, the Spartan Sprint is the best starting point. It is the shortest and contains the fewest number of obstacles. After completing a Spartan Sprint, you can decide if a longer/more challening race is for you.

    Does Spartan Race have Electric Shock?

    No, there is no electric shock type obstacles in a Spartan Race. The obstacles found in a Spartan Race are meant to push you physically -- you must be strong, mobile, and in good shape to complete them. There are no "cheap thrill" obstacles.

    Can You Run Spartan Race as a Team?

    Every Spartan Race participant is timed individually, however, people run Spartan Races as a team all the time. Running as a team offers a unique experience.

    Is Spartan Race For Kids?

    Spartan offers a kids race at most venues for kids aged 4+ with options for competitive or recreational racers.

    Spartan Up.