Our Spartan Race team had a really great weekend across multiple events, but today I wanted to highlight one individual in particular.

Jacquelynn shared some statistics with me after completing her first half-marathon this past Sunday that blew me away.

About one month before she started training with us, Jacquelynn went for what she considered a long run at just under 5km. Her average pace for this run was 7:43 per km. Not bad.

Fast forward nine months to the 2017 Queen City Marathon.

After training with us three times per week since January, back when 5km was a long run, Jacquelynn fearlessly took on the 21.1 km half-marathon and finished with an average pace of 6:32 per km!

Now, taking 71 seconds off her pace for a 5km would have been incredible in just 9 months. But improving her pace that much, and maintaining it for 4x as long is unheard of. Unbelievable.

How did she do this? Through dedication, hard work, and her commitment to a training plan built around improving strength, speed, and endurance.

Jacquelynn focused on becoming a better athlete, and through that, became a better runner.

Proud of you, Jacquelynn! Thank you for trusting us with your training!

Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is an experienced coach and author who works with athletes across North America. A former wrestler at the University of Regina, Riley now competes in a variety of strength and endurance events such as Spartan Race, GORUCK, and the Tactical Strength Challenge. Growing up, Riley was never the biggest or fastest athlete, but he had big goals. He worked hard to earn a full athletic scholarship and knows what it takes to succeed. After his wrestling career was cut short due to injury, Riley never stopped learning, training, or competing. Now, as a full-time strength, speed, conditioning, and nutrition coach, Riley shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with everyone he works with. When he’s not coaching or on an adventure with his wife and kids, Riley volunteers his time as a youth football coach and serves on multiple boards and volunteer organizations in his community.