Mud runs and obstacle races are tons of fun. Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, BattleFrog, etc. provide a truly unique experience… but all that running can be a bit of a deterrent.

You want to run a race, but you don't want to look like this.
You want to run a race, but you don’t want to look like this.

Nevermind the race itself, the idea of spending hours logging mile after mile to train for one can send chills down your spine.

For many people, running is extremely boring. Plus, there’s the concern of losing hard-earned muscle mass by training like a marathoner.

Steady state cardio will do that, you know.

You want to be competitive in whatever you sign-up for, but you don’t want to spend time running.

Nor do you want to look like a pipe-cleaner.

So what do you do?

Is it possible to train for a mud run or obstacle race without running?


You’ll have to leave the pec-deck and leg press machines behind, though. And you can forget about three sets of ten or working to muscle failure.

If you want to run an obstacle race without turning into a cardio bunny you need to think outside the box.

You need to focus on big, compound movements like the squat, deadlift, clean, and overhead press.

You need to keep reps low.

You need to get good at pull-ups.

You need to incorporate loaded carries like farmer walks, for time.

And you need to forget about resting between sets.

Predator Cover
Get Jacked and Win Races.

I believe your best option is to follow a program like Predator.

Predator is a six-week program to get you race ready without any running. Predator uses barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and that’s it.

No elliptical. No Stairmaster. No recumbent bike.

And no running.

Utilizing a Russian Ladder inspired weight circuit, as well as a short, intense kettlebell program designed specifically to increase your V02 Max, you’ll be ready to race in just six weeks.

Your grip strength will be more than sufficient, your conditioning will be set, and the unnecessary body fat currently slowing you down will vanish.

Is it possible to win a Spartan Race like this? No. You’ll be up against some pretty accomplished runners and will struggle to keep up with them.

Is it possible to beat your friends, though? Absolutely. If you commit to Predator as laid out, you’ll get shredded and do just fine during your race.

Obstacle races and mud runs are tons of fun and teach you a lot about who you are and what you’re capable of. Don’t let the running scare you off, the experience is well worth it. Pick-up your copy of the #1 Bestseller right now and start training!

Don’t be a gazelle. Be a Predator.

Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is an experienced coach and author who works with athletes across North America. A former wrestler at the University of Regina, Riley now competes in a variety of strength and endurance events such as Spartan Race, GORUCK, and the Tactical Strength Challenge. Growing up, Riley was never the biggest or fastest athlete, but he had big goals. He worked hard to earn a full athletic scholarship and knows what it takes to succeed. After his wrestling career was cut short due to injury, Riley never stopped learning, training, or competing. Now, as a full-time strength, speed, conditioning, and nutrition coach, Riley shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with everyone he works with. When he’s not coaching or on an adventure with his wife and kids, Riley volunteers his time as a youth football coach and serves on multiple boards and volunteer organizations in his community.