Our next Conviction Fitness Gives Back challenge is just 5 days away now.

I’m equal parts nervous and excited.

Last February our athletes did the unthinkable by completing nearly 34,000 burpees over the course of 24 hours to raise clothing donations for the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living. We’ve even got video to prove it.

The past two Decembers our athletes completed the “Food Bank Beast” by raising donations for the Regina Food Bank, then carrying them all the way from our gym to drop them off in person. During this past December’s event we carried over 1,100 pounds of food 20 kilometers.

Now this Saturday, February 25th, we will be taking on our first “Help Out With Hill Sprints” challenge.

For this challenge we have partnered up with Carmichael Outreach.

Our athletes are currently raising donations of food, clothing, and small appliances to help people in our community that are struggling with addictions, poverty, health issues, and overwhelming life crisis.

As an incentive to get people to help out, one of our athletes will complete a 50 meter Hill Sprint for every item donated to our challenge.

We are hoping to raise well over 2,000 items for the Outreach Center – which is going to result in a lot of hill sprints for our 14 athletes.

We have no idea how long this challenge will take, but we’ll be there until it’s done. And while we leave beaten, battered, and bruised, we’ll keep in mind how lucky and privileged we are – not only are we able to train for and compete in sports and activities that we love, but we also have a safe place and warm food to come home to.

Not everyone is so lucky.

What we’re doing with this challenge is nothing spectacular. It’s just our small way of helping out in the community. It’s part of who we are and what we believe in. It’s what we choose to do with our fitness.

We don’t train hard, eat right, and treat our bodies with respect for our own vanity. Our goal isn’t to stand on stage in a swimsuit or take shirtless selfies. We do it to be better people, and to help make this world a better place.

As Georges Hébert, the creator of the Natural Method (one of the biggest influences of today’s Parkour), said back in the 1900’s: “Être fort pour être utile” – Be strong to be useful.

Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is an experienced coach and author who works with athletes across North America. A former wrestler at the University of Regina, Riley now competes in a variety of strength and endurance events such as Spartan Race, GORUCK, and the Tactical Strength Challenge. Growing up, Riley was never the biggest or fastest athlete, but he had big goals. He worked hard to earn a full athletic scholarship and knows what it takes to succeed. After his wrestling career was cut short due to injury, Riley never stopped learning, training, or competing. Now, as a full-time strength, speed, conditioning, and nutrition coach, Riley shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise with everyone he works with. When he’s not coaching or on an adventure with his wife and kids, Riley volunteers his time as a youth football coach and serves on multiple boards and volunteer organizations in his community.

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