Reach your full potential as a Spartan Racer!

Spartan SGX at Conviction Fitness

Training for an upcoming Spartan Race, mud run, or obstacle course race?

Want to join a great group of people for fun, challenging workouts?

Ready to escape the confines of the gym and get outside?

Then our Spartan SGX program is for you!

Join Saskatchewan's Most Successful Spartan Race Team

Team #TrainWithConviction is the only team in Saskatchewan to:

  • Write three #1 Bestselling books on Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training
  • Help individuals brand new to OCR crush their first races on a consistent basis
  • Coach multiple athletes to the Spartan Race World Championship
  • Have two Top 10 finishes at OCR World Championships
  • Help athletes reach the podium of dozens of Spartan and X-Warrior races
  • Finish 1st Place as a team in multiple Spartan Races
  • Consistently produce several Obstacle Course Racing World Championships qualifiers

We're Not Like the Other Guys

Our program is built around intelligently designed workouts and follows a periodized training plan. Our goal isn't to make you sweaty, sore, and sick to your stomach - we want to make you better.

We want you to reach your full potential.

Our program, which combines running, hill work, heavy carries, obstacle practice, and strength training, has helped newcomers crush their first races, and has helped more experienced racers reach the podium on several occasions.

We help individuals transition from average Open Heat racers to World Championship qualifiers on a regular basis.

Is Conviction Spartan SGX For Me?

If you have a positive attitude and the desire to work hard, you'll fit right in.

It doesn't matter what shape you're in now. If you've got the right attitude and the willingness to work hard, we'll get you where you want to go.

With this program, we've helped people lose weight and get off medication. We've helped change the lives of individuals and families. We've helped inexperienced athletes reach the World stage, racing overseas and on TV.

Our program is life-changing.

Spartan Race Training For Busy Lives

Fitness is supposed to be fun, and make your life better. You shouldn't have to adjust your life to fit our schedule. That's why we do things a bit different.

Our Spartan SGX program consists of one big group outdoor workout each week. However, in addition to this fun, effective, challenging weekly workout, our Spartan SGX Pro members also receive:

  • Five additional workouts for at home or the gym each week
  • Seven mobility workouts delivered via video each week
  • An eight-week individualized nutrition guide every two months

No gym? No problem. Our at-home training plan requires nothing but a kettlebell, a pull-up bar, and your running shoes!

A True Family

Signing up for our Spartan SGX program is like joining a family. Our group is supportive and caring, and we help push each other to reach our potential.

We believe that exercise should be a family affair. While we don't offer childcare services, we encourage our athletes to bring their kids (or pets) to our outdoor training sessions to help develop a habit of fitness in their lives.

Ready to Join?

We offer two different membership options.

Spartan SGX Basic

  • 1 x Group outdoor workout each week
    • Fun, challenging, effective workouts with a group of amazing people
  • $79.99/4-weeks or;
  • $59.99/4-weeks with a 12-month commitment (a $240 savings!)

Spartan SGX Pro

  • 1 x Group outdoor workout each week
    • Fun, challenging, effective workouts with a group of amazing people
  • 5 x At-home workouts each week
    • Built to make you a faster, stronger racer with minimal equipment
  • 7 x Mobility workouts each week
    • 5-10 minute sessions that require no equipment
  • 8-week Nutrition Guide
    • Simple, individualized eating plan focussing on macronutrient and calorie intake
  • $159.99/4-weeks or;
  • $129.99/4-weeks with a 12-month commitment (a $360 savings!)

Interested in joining Saskatchewan's most successful Spartan Race Team?
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Don't live in Regina? No problem.

We work with athletes all across North America through our Online Coaching program.
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