We are Saskatchewan's first Official GORUCK Ruck Club!

Rucking (walking while carrying a weighted pack on your back) is the foundation of US Special Forces training. It requires strength, endurance, and character - and builds it, too.

Rucking is a great way to build both strength and aerobic capacity. The best part is, everyone can do it!

Whether you're just looking for a way to start getting in shape or want to add something new your training program, rucking is for you.

If you live in the Regina area and want to join us for a Ruck sometime, please join our free Ruck Club here!

Earn Your Patch

Join us for three free group rucks, earn your Conviction Ruck Club patch, and become one of our Patched Members!

Conviction Ruck Club Patched Members:

  • Riley Nadoroznick
  • Troy Gabel
  • Carline Petit-Homme
  • Jody Wolford
  • Jeremy Gabel
  • Michelle B.
  • Ryan Holota
  • Danelle Reiss
  • Samira Nadoroznick
  • Kirk LaFontaine
  • Tiff Hersak
  • Amanda Gabel
  • Jessica Irvine
  • Natasja Von Glahn-Barlow
  • Kathleen Eisler
  • Dawna Henderson
  • Clayton Bakke
  • Donny Reddekop
  • Fran Switzer
  • Jacquelynn Brown
  • Carmen Holota
  • Kristen Blackwell
  • Ciara Switzer
  • Lexi Switzer
  • Nick Dalrymple
  • Preston Schaffer
  • Evan Zolc
  • Shayleigh Wolford
  • Justin Sukenik
  • Jessica Nadoroznick
  • Nisa Ahmed
  • Tanner Reiss
  • Maximus Nadoroznick
  • Jordan Rensby
  • Jacqueline Abrahamson
  • Helen Outerbridge
  • Amber Morton
  • Avery Douglas
  • Jordyn Douglas
  • Maia Nadoroznick
  • Sean Linton
  • Kristel Kriel
  • Linsay Kozak
  • Gordon Biswas
  • John Wolford
  • Pamela Rose
  • Kristin Johnson
  • Curtis Wolbaum
  • Divyesh Patel
  • Andrew Tait
  • Matt Yarnton
  • Jody Salway
  • Ara Steininger
  • Adam Holmes
  • Richard Russell
  • Carole Salway
  • Jennifer Edwards
  • Greg Hutch
  • Anthony Cherwenuk
  • Meghan Manson