40 Pounds in 14 Weeks

Congratulations to our athlete Ryan hit the 40 pounds lost mark today! Ryan started our Spartan SGX Lite program in January, just 14 weeks ago, and has trained with us twice a week since then. He’s stronger, faster, lighter, and healthier because of his hard work and dedication. Ryan is a huge asset to our team. He […]

Conviction Athlete of the Month August 2016

Our August Athlete of the Month may be soft spoken, but she’s a huge inspiration to her three kids, and everyone on our team. Michelle shows up, works hard, and let’s her actions do the talking for her. I’ve seen Michelle warm up with her youngest on her back and stop mid-workout to help another […]

Conviction Client of the Month – June 2016

Have you seen that lady cycling around Regina with a HUGE smile on her face? That’s Ara Steininger. No matter what we throw at her, she just never stops smiling. And it’s fantastic. Ara, who started training with us this past January, is one of the most uplifting people you’ll ever meet. She’s an extremely […]

Conviction Client of the Month – April 2016

One year ago, in April of 2015, Amanda Isted was coaxed into coming to some crazy Spartan Race training session in the park. She reluctantly agreed but said she’d come only for the running. She wasn’t interested in any of the obstacle nonsense… … five months later, she earned her Spartan Race Trifecta (completing a Spartan […]