Welcome to Conviction Fitness!

Conviction Fitness was started in 2015 by Riley and Samira Nadoroznick. What began as a few friends training for a Spartan Race quickly grew into a full-time business.

Since opening our doors in 2015, we have been fortunate enough to work with several elite athletes. From world-class obstacle course racers to WHL drafted hockey players, we’ve worked with athletes of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

We work hard, but we work smart.

Our philosophy differs from most other gyms. We don’t judge a workout by how sore or sweaty you are, but by how much you improve. The only thing that matters to us is if you move closer to your goals.

Getting faster or stronger, or even shedding a few pounds, shouldn’t leave you unable to walk for days.

There is a better way. Let us show you.

We give back generously.

Encouraging our members to give back to the community is important to us. Through our Conviction Gives Back initiatives, we have managed to:

  • Raise thousands of pounds of food for the Regina Food Bank – and carry it over 10 miles to donate it in person, through our annual Food Bank Beast
  • Complete 33,950 burpees in 24 hours to raise over 2,300 items for the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living
  • Donate over 2,191 items to Carmichael Outreach through our Help Out With Hill Sprints Challenge

Conviction Fitness is for people who want to reach their full potential.

Contact-us to find out more about who we are and what we do.