Welcome to Waypoint 002!

To successfully earn your Waypoint patch, your team must ruck to each of the ten Waypoints below and make it back to The Cenotaph in Victoria Park in under five hours.

To verify your course you must do two things:

  1. Submit a picture of your team at each Waypoint.
  2. Submit a screenshot from Strava, Garmin, or other mapping app showing your course, distance, and time upon completion.

All pictures are to be submitted by adding them to an Instagram Story and tagging @ConvictionFitness.

Teams may navigate to each Waypoint in whatever order they see fit.

Teams may share the ruck weight as they see fit.

Each individual of every team that completes Waypoint in under five hours will earn their Waypoint Patch.

Each individual of the team that completes their mission the fastest will earn the Waypoint Champion Medal.

Be careful. Be smart. Have fun.

You now have five hours to ruck to and submit pictures from each of the following Waypoints and make it back to The Cenotaph in Victoria Park in five hours:

Arlington Park

Arboretum Park

Central Park

Elsie Dorsey Park

Fairchild Park

Les Sherman Park

Millar Park

Procter Park

Realtor’s Park

Rotary Park