Over 20 km of rough terrain, more than 30 challenging obstacles, and just under 3,000 feet of elevation gain made the 2017 Montana Beast another unforgettable experience.

Fifteen of our athletes made the trek down to Bigfork for the Beast this year. Our team did amazing as everyone finished with big smiles, lifelong memories, and a new sense of accomplishment.

A few highlights from the weekend:

  • Team #TrainWithConviction came in 12th overall. We would have finished 2nd overall had a couple of our athletes not forgotten to join our race day team, but what can you do? 30 Burpee penalty coming their way :p
  • Matt Yarnton and Nick Dalrymple both broke the 3 hour Beast mark, coming in at 2:55 and 2:57. Clay Bakke was just shy, coming in at 3:05.
  • Cynthia Fiori and Ara Steininger finished tied for 7th in their age group in Elite with a time of 3:50
  • Ara also ran the Sprint on Sunday and finished 16th overall in Elite Female
  • Amanda Isted improved from 71st in her age group last year, to 22nd this year
  • Courtney Ellis-Toddington, Divyesh Patel, Jacquelynn Dobson-Brown, Samantha Paisley, and Tiff Hersak all finished their first Beast races
  • Cynthia and her husband Justin took on the Beast Saturday morning and the Hurricane Heat later that night
  • Adnan Khandoker, Ara, Clay, Matt, and Nick all completed their first Spartan Trifecta of 2017

After a long day on the mountain, our athletes drove in to Kalispell to help set a new Guinness World Record for most people doing burpees at once. And while we were all tired and starving, it was worth it.

A few more thoughts from this weekend…

Twisted Ankles

The terrain in Bigfork is tough on a good day, but the fact that it had rained for what seemed like weeks leading up to the race made it an even bigger challenge.

I’ve never seen so many twisted ankles in my life. Everyone, and I mean literally every single person I talked to, said that they twisted, tweaked, or sprained their ankle out on the course.

While nearly everyone twisted their ankle, some were able to bounce back and keep on going while others were forced to slow right down. If you were one of the thousands with a damaged ankle during this race, I would suggest throwing some ankle rotations into your daily regimen. For an added bonus, do your ankle rotations while in the Bird-Dog position.

Slip Wall

The Slip Wall was actually a challenge for once. Not because it was slippery, but because they switched from a long rope to one just a couple of feet long. If you did not sprint up that wall, attacking with all that you had, you weren’t getting over.

People struggled to get up that wall, and I loved it – Obstacles should be tough, not a minor inconvenience.


Obviously there is a lot of walking that takes place during a Beast. There was tons of it in Montana.

I have to wonder, though, was everyone walking because they were truly exhausted, or because they saw other people walking…


With Montana in the books, it’s time for our athletes to buckle down and get ready for the Vancouver and Red Deer weekends.

Over the next few way’s we’ll be Running, Lifting, Carrying, and Climbing our way to the best version of ourselves!

Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is a best-selling author and the Head Coach and Owner of Conviction Fitness. Riley trains and competes as an Elite Spartan Race athlete and is extremely passionate about health, fitness, and helping others become the best they can be.