Jacquelynn Crushes Her First Half-Marathon

Our Spartan Race team had a really great weekend across multiple events, but today I wanted to highlight one individual in particular.

Jacquelynn shared some statistics with me after completing her first half-marathon this past Sunday that blew me away.

About one month before she started training with us, Jacquelynn went for what she considered a long run at just under 5km. Her average pace for this run was 7:43 per km. Not bad.

Fast forward nine months to the 2017 Queen City Marathon.

After training with us three times per week since January, back when 5km was a long run, Jacquelynn fearlessly took on the 21.1 km half-marathon and finished with an average pace of 6:32 per km!

Now, taking 71 seconds off her pace for a 5km would have been incredible in just 9 months. But improving her pace that much, and maintaining it for 4x as long is unheard of. Unbelievable.

How did she do this? Through dedication, hard work, and her commitment to a training plan built around improving strength, speed, and endurance.

Jacquelynn focused on becoming a better athlete, and through that, became a better runner.

Proud of you, Jacquelynn! Thank you for trusting us with your training!