Conviction Client of the Month – May 2016

AKMaybe it’s just his sweet new shoes, but Adnan Khandoker has been on fire lately.

Unable to complete a set of monkey bars a few short weeks ago, he is now flying through them with ease. And after a bit of a slow start, his running has improved tremendously. Adnan now crushes the hills every Tuesday.

It’s no surprise to any of us, though, as Adnan has shown he is committed to becoming the best he can be. He regularly shows up to workouts and trains like an animal.

His focus and ability to push himself is nothing short of remarkable.

After seeing his friend Clay bring back medals, t-shirts, and memories from his races, Adnan wanted in on the fun. Even though he’d never run a Spartan Race before, he jumped right in and purchased a season pass. This pass allows him to compete in any of the nine Western Canada races this year.

With his first race right around the corner (Edmonton Spartan Sprint – June 25), we’re very excited to see what he can do!

Adnan started training with us just this past March. He is the perfect example of how much, and how quickly, we can improve when we commit. He is a huge asset to our team and we couldn’t be happier he chose to #TrainWithConviction!

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