Have you seen that lady cycling around Regina with a HUGE smile on her face?

Ara taking off on her final lap at the Mountain of Hope Half-Marathon.
Ara taking off on her final lap at the Mountain of Hope Half-Marathon.
That’s Ara Steininger.

No matter what we throw at her, she just never stops smiling. And it’s fantastic.

Ara, who started training with us this past January, is one of the most uplifting people you’ll ever meet.

She’s an extremely hard worker and dedicated to the point where she’ll do pull-ups off of scaffolding in downtown Toronto, just so she doesn’t miss out on one of our challenges.

It never ceases to amaze me how Ara rides her bike everywhere. After our workouts, when most of us are stumbling back to our cars to drive home, Ara just hops and her bike and rides the 45 minutes home like it’s a walk in the park.

Impressive stuff.

After competing in the Mountain of Hope Half-Marathon Trail Race a few weeks ago, Ara is set to take on her first Spartan Races this July in Grunthal, Manitoba. She will be running both the Super (8+ miles and 25+ obstacles) and a Sprint (3+ miles and 20+ obstacles) in just two days – a difficult task for anyone.

Ara is up for the challenge, however, as she has been working extremely hard both in and outside of our workouts.

Watch out for this one, everybody. You may just see her on the podium.

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