Conviction Client of the Month – February 2016

Linsay 2This month we would like to recognize Linsay Kwiatkowski and all the hard work she’s put in through our Winter Warriors program.

Linsay was a last-minute addition to the program back in October but was excited to get started. Our first workout as a group was a tough one intended to separate those who were serious about getting in shape from those who just wanted to pretend.

Linsay passed with flying colors.

The challenge could have broken a weaker individual, but it only motivated Linsay to push harder and see what she is truly capable of.

After struggling to do a few push-ups at the start Linsay is now a pro. That’s her repping out perfect push-ups with a giant rock on her back in the photo above!

Linsay is now doing pull-ups, heavy stone deadlifts, squats with other people on her back, and is crushing everything we throw at her!

Not one to rush through a workout just to get it over with, Linsay focuses on form and executing each rep as perfect as possible.

It’s because of this attention to detail and tremendous work ethic that Linsay has come as far as she has.

Thanks for being a huge asset to the team, Linsay. You are the definition of Warrior!

If you’d like to see Linsay in action as she helps our team take on our 20,000 + burpee challenge this Saturday, tune-in to the live stream here!

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