Conviction Client of the Month – April 2016

AmandaOne year ago, in April of 2015, Amanda Isted was coaxed into coming to some crazy Spartan Race training session in the park.

She reluctantly agreed but said she’d come only for the running. She wasn’t interested in any of the obstacle nonsense…

… five months later, she earned her Spartan Race Trifecta (completing a Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast) and was voted “Most Improved Spartan” by her teammates.

Continuing to push her limits, Amanda became a huge asset in both Winter Warriors sessions this year, helping our team carry 891 pounds of food 11 miles and completing an outstanding 2,635 burpees during our last challenge – things she would have never dreamed possible just a few months earlier.

Her newfound love for fitness has also rubbed off on her two daughters, whose hobbies now include doing burpees in the living room and joining Mom at her outdoor workouts.

Amanda’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Even with her quiet, soft spoken demeanor, she is looked up to by many.

Thank you for being such a huge part of the Conviction Fitness Family, Amanda. Good luck in Montana, we know you’ll crush that Spartan Beast!

Conviction Client of the Month – February 2016

Linsay 2This month we would like to recognize Linsay Kwiatkowski and all the hard work she’s put in through our Winter Warriors program.

Linsay was a last-minute addition to the program back in October but was excited to get started. Our first workout as a group was a tough one intended to separate those who were serious about getting in shape from those who just wanted to pretend.

Linsay passed with flying colors.

The challenge could have broken a weaker individual, but it only motivated Linsay to push harder and see what she is truly capable of.

After struggling to do a few push-ups at the start Linsay is now a pro. That’s her repping out perfect push-ups with a giant rock on her back in the photo above!

Linsay is now doing pull-ups, heavy stone deadlifts, squats with other people on her back, and is crushing everything we throw at her!

Not one to rush through a workout just to get it over with, Linsay focuses on form and executing each rep as perfect as possible.

It’s because of this attention to detail and tremendous work ethic that Linsay has come as far as she has.

Thanks for being a huge asset to the team, Linsay. You are the definition of Warrior!

If you’d like to see Linsay in action as she helps our team take on our 20,000 + burpee challenge this Saturday, tune-in to the live stream here!

Conviction Clients of the Month – January 2016

Clay WW copy
Clay carrying more than his share of the 897 pounds of food raised during the Winter Warriors Give Back Challenge.

Nick Dalrymple has been with us from the start, and Clay Bakke joined not long after.

We couldn’t be happier to have them both on board!

Whether it’s football, hockey, soccer, dodgeball, or obstacle races, these two are always up for a challenge.

This month we want to recognize both Nick and Clay as they are heading down to Los Angeles for the Spartan Races in Temecula, California. They will be racing in a Super (24 obstacles over 13 km) on Saturday and a Sprint (20 obstacles over 5 km) the next day. Two grueling races in two days – a challenge for even the most experienced athlete.

After competing in their first Spartan Race in August 2014, these two were hooked. Nick went on to run two Spartans the next year while Clay completed the coveted Spartan Trifecta – running a Sprint, Super, and Beast (30 obstacles over 19 km) in just one season.

Not only did Nick and Clay finish a combined five races last year, but they also stepped up their game by challenging themselves to compete in the Elite category for the first time. While racing against some of Canada’s best athletes both Clay (25th) and Nick (13th) were able to finish near the top in their respective age groups. A testament to their hard work and commitment.

Never settling for “good enough”, both of these men have set big goals for themselves this year. And understanding that nothing worth accomplishing ever comes easy, both have been training hard through our Winter Warriors program.

By training together, Nick and Clay have pushed each other to become better athletes and achieve more in life. Whether racing up hills, carrying small boulders, hanging from bars, or focusing on their nutrition, these two attack life with Conviction.

Good luck In Temecula guys, looking forward to seeing those shiny new medals!