No Time? No Equipment? No Problem!

We recently partnered up with the Saskatchewan Science Centre to help promote their new visiting exhibit – BODY WORLDS RX. In this video, Riley walks Ryan through a quick and easy workout that can be done almost anywhere. While Ryan and Riley use rocks in the video, this same workout can be done with a […]

Montana Beast 2017 Race Recap

Over 20 km of rough terrain, more than 30 challenging obstacles, and just under 3,000 feet of elevation gain made the 2017 Montana Beast another unforgettable experience. Fifteen of our athletes made the trek down to Bigfork for the Beast this year. Our team did amazing as everyone finished with big smiles, lifelong memories, and a new […]

These Two Rings

Earlier today I came across this photo from two years ago. It’s from the day we put the very first set of rings up in our garage. My wife thought I was crazy…. I kind of thought I was, too. We weren’t a business. Just some friends that liked working out together. We’d do bodyweight […]

Our New Book is Out, and It’s Terrible

Our latest book – “Run, Lift, Carry, Climb” – has been out for about two months now and sales have been pretty good. It actually became a #1 Bestseller in two different categories on back in March. The thing is, though, like our first book “Predator“, “Run, Lift, Carry, Climb” is a terrible book. I […]

40 Pounds in 14 Weeks

Congratulations to our athlete Ryan hit the 40 pounds lost mark today! Ryan started our Spartan SGX Lite program in January, just 14 weeks ago, and has trained with us twice a week since then. He’s stronger, faster, lighter, and healthier because of his hard work and dedication. Ryan is a huge asset to our team. He […]

Why “Strong is the New Sexy” is a Problem

Instagram is making me sick lately. Every “fitness” account is filled with half naked people flexing their guns or sticking their butt out. If these pictures were posted in any other context they’d be deemed inappropriate. But because the account has “fitness” in the name, or there are a few #fitfam or #fitspo hashtags in there, […]