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Conviction Book Club

Exercise and nutrition are only part of the puzzle. If we want to truly thrive, we must aim for mens sana in corpore sano – a sound mind in a strong body. That’s where the Conviction Book Club comes in.

It’s no secret that reading improves our lives. When we read, we expand our knowledge, grow our minds, and become better people because of it. But when we reflect on what we’ve read with others, the results are even better.

In the Conviction Book Club, we focus on a different inspirational, thought-provoking book each month. Questions and discussion points are posted in our Private Facebook Group, allowing for comments, feedback, and conversation among all members.

Through this club you’ll read awesome books, become a better version of yourself, and meet other like-minded individuals. The best part? The Conviction Book Club is 100% Free to join!

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign-up below and you’ll be invited to join the Private Facebook Group
  • Next month’s book will be shared two weeks before the month begins
  • Purchase the book (physical, audio, e-book) or request it from your local library
  • A suggested reading schedule is provided for you to follow, if you choose
  • Weekly discussion points are posted in the Private Facebook Group
  • Read, discuss, learn and become a better you

Expand your knowledge, grow your mind, and become a better version of yourself.