Dear Winter Warriors,

Words cannot express how proud I am of all of you.

What you accomplished yesterday was, simply put, incredible.

Through your hard work and effort, 897 pounds of food was raised for those in need and transported (by foot, nonetheless) over 17.5 kms to the Regina Food Bank through wind and snow along icy sidewalks.

You are without a doubt waking up in pain this morning.

Embrace that.

Let the pain that you feel be a reminder of just how hard you worked to help people you may never meet. You pushed your body to it’s absolute limits for people who won’t even be able to say, “Thank you”.

It takes a special kind of person to do that.

What I hope you learned from this experience is that there are no limits to what you are capable of. The words “I can’t do that” should never again cross your mind.

You are strong, tough, and able to do anything you put your mind to.

I’ve seen you do it.

Use this new confidence, knowledge, and pride to not only better yourself and your own life, but to help and inspire others along the way.

Thank you for everything. You are an amazing individual.


Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is a best-selling author and the Head Coach and Owner of Conviction Fitness. Riley trains and competes as an Elite Spartan Race athlete and is extremely passionate about health, fitness, and helping others become the best they can be.