May 2017 – Conviction Fitness
Prevent Burn-Out and Injuries With Auto-Regulation

I was feeling pretty good yesterday and was looking forward to a great workout. After a solid warm-up of loaded carries and light mobility movements I was ready to rock. Focused, limber, strong, and moving well. And it was at that exact moment that my sons’ school called. Immediately, I went from ready to crush […]

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Montana Beast 2017 Race Recap

Over 20 km of rough terrain, more than 30 challenging obstacles, and just under 3,000 feet of elevation gain made the 2017 Montana Beast another unforgettable experience. Fifteen of our athletes made the trek down to Bigfork for the Beast this year. Our team did amazing as everyone finished with big smiles, lifelong memories, and a new […]

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These Two Rings

Earlier today I came across this photo from two years ago. It’s from the day we put the very first set of rings up in our garage. My wife thought I was crazy…. I kind of thought I was, too. We weren’t a business. Just some friends that liked working out together. We’d do bodyweight […]

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