2017 Food Bank Beast

The 2017 Food Bank Beast was everything we hoped for!

20 of our athletes from our Spartan SGX, Kettlebell Club, and Online programs, gathered to carry a grand total of 1,891 pounds of food all the way from our gym to the Regina & District Food Bank, 20 km away.

Undergoing challenges like these makes us who we are. These challenges provide us with the realization that we can push through anything – that our bodies will take us wherever our minds are willing to go.

The obstacles we had to overcome as a team yesterday were tough. But we managed. We grew closer together and proved to each other that, without a doubt, we are family.

Published by Riley

Riley Nadoroznick is a best-selling author and the Head Coach and Owner of Conviction Fitness. Riley trains and competes as an Elite Spartan Race athlete and is extremely passionate about health, fitness, and helping others become the best they can be.