Conviction Athlete of the Month September 2016

Cody Wilkes running the Spartan Race Red Deer Super.
Cody Wilkes running the Spartan Race Red Deer Super.

Our team has accomplished a lot so far this year.

Desk jockeys became athletes.

Individuals tried new things and discovered a new passion.

And others accomplished more than they ever thought possible.

But on September 17, one athlete achieved something none of us had even attempted before – completing a 50 km Ultra Trail Marathon.

Just a couple of years ago Cody Wilkes wasn’t in great shape and wanted to make a change. He started running and eating better, and started to see some results.

He quickly fell in love with running and signed up for a few events. In 2015 he ran some local trail races and a couple of Spartan Races, in addition to playing ultimate frisbee two night a week for six straight months.

If you would have told Cody in 2014 that in less than two years he would not only complete an Ultra Marathon, but that he would finish 11th overall, he might have laughed at you. But that’s exactly what he did.

Cody wanted to make a change and dedicated himself to the process. He found something he loved and chased it.

And the best part is, Cody is nowhere near his potential. With consistent training and dedication, there’s no telling where the sport of Trail Running will take him.

Congratulations, Cody. Our first Ultra Marathon Man!