Conviction Athlete of the Month August 2016

Michelle Handstand
Michelle won of our August challenge – Get Creative!

Our August Athlete of the Month may be soft spoken, but she’s a huge inspiration to her three kids, and everyone on our team.

Michelle shows up, works hard, and let’s her actions do the talking for her.

I’ve seen Michelle warm up with her youngest on her back and stop mid-workout to help another child out of a tree, all as though it was part of the plan.

While most parents, unfortunately, use their children as an excuse as to why they have “no time to workout”, Michelle is dedicated to improving herself, and makes it happen. She works out with her kids and shows them what it means to be a strong, healthy person.

Even with three children (four when you include her husband), Michelle consistently trains with us two to three times per week. She’s got every excuse in the world to skip training, but she never does.

Michelle started training with us in March in preparation for her first Spartan Race – the 2016 Montana Sprint. After having a blast in the mountains she quickly signed up for the next one. Michelle went on to run in Edmonton in June, Manitoba in July, and is heading to Red Deer this weekend for her first Super/Sprint weekend!

Michelle was also a member of our Casino Regina Charity Championship team this month. We were able to win the Charity Championship – and $10,000 for Ignite Adult Learning Corporation, in large part because of her efforts that day. Michelle ran second for our team in the four person relay and had every race basically won by the time she finished her leg. Ignite owes her a big thank-you 😉

Michelle is a very generous, hard working, selfless individual and we’re extremely lucky to have her.


Conviction Client of the Month – July 2016

Whoo Whooooo! Our July client of the month is one of a kind!

Matt Yarnton may just be the most supportive and encouraging person you’ll ever meet. When times get tough, we all count on Matt to brighten the mood and help get us through.

But there is so much more to Matt than just a wonderful smile and encouraging words.

Matt is one hell of an athlete.

Matt joined our Winter Warriors program last October as he wanted to take on a Spartan Race this year. He realized that if he wanted to succeed in reaching his goal he needed to start training right away. Not “sometime in the future” or “when the weather is nice”, but immediately.

Even though his work schedule had him out of town every second week, Matt committed and trained like an animal every chance he got. When he was away from Winter Warriors sessions, Matt was completing the training plan described in Predator.

He wanted to complete a Spartan Race and refused to let any obstacle stand in his way.

Fast forward 10 months….

Matt TrifectaAfter training through everything from freezing temperatures and blizzards to insane heat and thunderstorms, Matt is the definition of Spartan.

Not only has he destroyed his goal of completing a Spartan Race, but Matt is now a member of the coveted Trifecta Tribe – having completed a Spartan Race of each distance – Sprint, Super, and Beast, in one calendar year.

And sure, finishing all these races is a huge accomplishment, but there’s more to the story. Matt isn’t just finishing these races, he’s winning them.

As of right now, Matt Yarnton is the #9 ranked Competitive Spartan Racer in all of Canada…. and First Overall in his age group!

Matt’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance are all starting to pay off.

Matt has become an absolute beast and makes everyone around him better. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a better athlete, and person, from having trained alongside this man.

With a few more races to go this year, we are all very excited to see how far Matt can go.

Thanks for being you, Matt 🙂