From 726th in Open to 2x Spartan Race World Championship Qualifier

In 2014 Clay ran his first Spartan Race in Calgary, Alberta, finishing in 726th place in the Open Category. He fell in love with obstacle racing that day.

Clay was one of the first members of our Spartan Race team after deciding to commit to improving his obstacle race performance. He quickly became a huge part of our team. From helping us build equipment and setting up obstacles, to assisting his teammates move, to carrying more than his fair share during our Conviction Gives Back events.

Clay has trained extremely hard the past few years and is reaping the benefits. After a huge season, capped with completing the Sun Peaks Ultra Beast, finishing 8th in his age group at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, and qualifying for the Spartan Race World Championships for the second year in a row, it was no surprise to see Clay voted our 2017 Male Athlete of the Year.

3x Spartan Race Podium Finisher Doubled Her Strict Pull-ups in Three Months

Ara began training with us in January 2016. She had never run a Spartan Race but came to us already in great shape.

In her two-year Obstacle Course Racing career, she has seriously impressed. Ara finished her first season ranked 10th in Canada in the Competitive Division. In her sophomore season, Ara hit three podiums and qualified for the Spartan Race World Championships in her first year running Elite.

An excellent runner, Ara wanted to increase her strength during the offseason. Already an integral part of our Spartan SGX team, she reached out to me about our Kettlebell Club and became the first person to try our Online Program.

Despite a lengthy surf vacation where she was unable to train as she usually would, Ara still managed to improve her max strict pull-ups from 6 reps to 12 in just three months! An absolutely incredible feat.

Our Jaws Dropped on Test Day

Jeremy was one of the first members of the Conviction Kettlebell Club. He started the program pressing the 12kg (26 lbs) kettlebell for his workouts as the 16kg (35 lbs) bell was just too heavy.

After eight weeks of dedicated training with the Kettlebell Club, on our first Test Day, Jeremy amazed us all by clean and pressing the 20kg (44 lbs) bell for 8 strict, solid reps on each arm.

Eight weeks after that, on our next Test Day, he pressed the same 20kg for 11 reps on with each arm… then pressed the 24kg (53 lbs) kettlebell once, just because he could.

Took 71 Seconds Off her Pace and Finished First Half-Marathon

Jacquelynn had already run a few races before she joined our Spartan SGX team. She enjoyed them, but now she wanted to train for them.

In January 2016 she began training with us and saw some quick changes. Her pull-ups were going up, her weight was going down, and she was becoming a strong, capable athlete again – just like she was as a teenaged gymnast.

Jacquelynn was also becoming a better, faster runner.

Before training with us, Jacquelynn’s 5k pace was about 7:43 per km. Nine months later, she finished her first half-marathon at an astonishing pace of 6:32 per km!

Jacquelynn worked very hard during those nine months and it was great to see her succeed the way she did.